“Xemptor Consulting: creating and sustaining competitive advantage for your business through purchasing & procurement best practice”


Labour and overhead costs are normally a key focus of any business or organisation. But how much control do you have over your external expenditure with suppliers, and the performance of your suppliers against an increasingly demanding set of criteria?

Bought-in products and services can represent a significant proportion of input cost to your business – as high as 70% in many manufacturing companies – and savings achieved through smarter purchasing practices translate straight into bottom line profits. And these can be significantly greater than internal efficiency savings.

Quite apart from this traditional set of objectives based on ensuring quality, cost and delivery (QCD) performance, procurement is facing new, varied and demanding challenges – see our ‘News’ page on ‘Sustainable Procurement’.

Successful purchasing activities rely on a number of fundamentals: competent professional skills, robust processes and a framework for effective co-operation within your own business and your supply chain.

Many companies find it difficult to know how to tackle their procurement challenges, assuming that they are aware of the full impact of purchasing and procurement on their business. Resources are often tight, and solutions can be difficult to find.

Xemptor Consulting Limited uses a practical, ‘let’s get things done’ approach to delivering value to your purchasing activity, bringing unique insights gained in highly sophisticated purchasing organisations. We’ve worked with clients across sectors and industries, from SMEs to large multinationals, and aim to give precisely the support your organisation needs. Please contact us as a first step on the road to achieving purchasing excellence!

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